Paradise Township Building Reopens after Deadly Shooting

PARADISE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- One week after a deadly shooting, the Paradise Township Municipal building reopened.

Last Tuesday morning, investigators say David Green of Swiftwater walked inside and shot and killed Michael Tripus.

Tripus, 65, from Stroudsburg, was the township zoning and codes enforcement officer.

"I'm just walking in on pins and needles hoping that we get through the day. It's very stressful,” said township supervisor Gary Konrath.

Green told state police he was angry over sewer issues but did not blame Tripus.

He said he did not know why he killed him.

As the building reopened, state police stopped by.

Troopers said they will be patrolling the building, parking lot, and nearby area.

Township officials said they do have security in the building but would not mention specifics.

What they do want to mention is the support they have received from all over the Poconos.

"We're all focused on the tragic event and the loss of life and the death of Mike Tripus and it's sad and it's devastating but on the other side of the coin, we have hundreds of encouragement and support from individuals from other Townships and it's an outpouring of support,” said township supervisor Peter Gonze.

Township workers said the healing process is going to be a long one, but they said they will continue to work with councilors and continue to support each other to make it happen.

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