Alaska Governor is Scranton Native, Misericordia Graduate

DALLAS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A Scranton native is now the governor of Alaska.

Now that Mike Dunleavy is Alaska's new governor, there is a university in Luzerne County that's really pulling for him. Not only is the governor of the 49th state a Scranton native, but he's also a graduate of Misericordia University near Dallas.

"It is just so impressive that someone that went to the same school as me, walking down the same hallways, is someone that is in charge now, so that is amazing," said Misericordia freshman Caitlyn Coyle.

"We are really proud of him," said Misericordia president Thomas Botzman. "We are excited of the example he sets, and it is exciting because there are only 50 states, and to have one of them be a Misericordia graduate is quite an honor."

As a student, Governor Dunleavy was president of the History Club and was a member of the History Law Club.

"Through the '70s, we had very few males, and in the very late '70s, we began to graduate males, so as the class of '83, he would have been one of the earliest male graduates," Botzman said.

School officials say that after Dunleavy graduated, he moved to Alaska. It was there he met his wife Rose and now he and his family call the 49th state home.

At Misericordia, students tell Newswatch 16 his story inspires them to do more within the student government.

"Misericordia definitely opens up doors to all of our students, and we are just freshman and we are already getting involved with our student government," said freshman Daphne Lombardi. "I didn't think about becoming class president before I got here, and they showed me I could do it."

School officials at Misericordia tell us they plan to send Governor Dunleavy a token of appreciation in the near future.

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