PA Supreme Court Rules Priests’ Names in Abuse Report Will Remain Redacted

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The names of some priests that were blacked out in a state grand jury report on child sex abuse will remain a secret.

That's according to a state Supreme Court ruling Monday.

The scathing report released back in August identified more than 300 priests from across the state accused of abusing children. Eleven names were redacted. This ruling means they will stay that way.

The Supreme Court says releasing the information would violate the clergymen's constitutional right to due process.

In response to the decision, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro made a statement, saying in part:

"While this Order bars me from releasing the names of the 11 petitioners, nothing in this Order prevents the Dioceses from sharing the shielded names... I call on Bishops to do so immediately, consistent with their recent calls for transparency."



    sounds like the catholic church lobbying courts to keep protecting child molesters, and keep those donations coming in from dumb sheep parishioners. the catholic church is bad news

  • Apoch Weiss

    So all names are being redacted from all cases then? I mean, what make these diddlers special compared to the diddlers already on that list? This is a VERY dangerous ruling because now anyone with their names made available pre-trial can argue they did not receive due process and potentially be out on the street or their punishments revoked.

  • Sue Phillips

    hide their names?? and violate their right to “due process”??? Please tell me HOW the names will violate their right to due process??? Does that mean maybe the church can move and hide them like they have always done??

  • holdencaulfieldisme

    “Violate the clergymen’s constitutional right to due process?” When someone is accused of a major crime, when do we not hear their name? The church has a disturbingly, disgustingly powerful influence on the justice system.

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