Folks Skeptical of Dry Weather In The Forecast

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Let’s just say people are skeptical of the forecast which predicts mainly dry weather this week.

"I think I'd have to see it to believe it,” laughed Dave Wilmarth of Dunmore.

This year has been wet to say the least, but the Stormtracker 16 forecast shows a mainly dry week right through the weekend, possibly beyond that, too.

Dry weather has been rare.

A stretch of five or more dry days has only happened three times this year, according to Stormtracker 16 meteorologists.

The wet weather has been wreaking havoc on the holiday light display in Scranton's Nay Aug Park, keeping crews busy.

"When the outlets get wet or the plugs, it trips the circuit, the GFI trips to prevent a fire, so after it rains, we have to go through in the morning and see which ones have to be rest, rewired, some of the cords melt,” said Todd Arden of Scranton.

Dry weather also means more opportunities for folks to take care of their own properties, rake some leaves, hang some lights and decorations. just get outside to enjoy some fresh air.

"A lot of rain this year, couldn't get out and walk a lot so it's nice to get this weather in December,” said Gary Kohut of Scranton.


  • Interested American

    I know that WNEP’s weather team has been so bad lately. They touted Saturday afternoon as being a soaking rain with Sunday being when the system moved away from the area. This was not the case at all. Sunday turned out to be way worse than they predicted. I have no idea what is going on with the weather team but lately they have been wrong more than they have been correct about even the next day’s weather.

  • freedomfreedomfreedomfreedom

    Check the sky, see if they are still “cloud seeding” and give it a week … I’m sure we will have 4 feet of snow before Christmas.

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