Hero’s Welcome Home for Lackawanna Trail Football Team

FACTORYVILLE, Pa. -- A high school football team in Wyoming County was welcomed home with a parade.

The Lackawanna Trail Lions returned to the high school in Factoryville early Saturday morning with a police and firetruck escort.

The Lions defeated Juniata Valley 24-14 Friday night to earn a spot in next week's Class A football state championship.

"We're a small little school. We have 27 kids on our roster, and we're going to Hershey. It's just unbelievable. We're so excited," said Cindy Edwards, the mother of one of the players.

It is the first football championship game in the school's history.

The Lions will play Farrell Thursday afternoon at Hershey Park Stadium.

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  • Frank The Lunatic

    I know I’m going to get blasted for this but I will say it anyway — Hero What Hero’s?
    This is to show you how infatuated NEPA is with HS Football because every parent thinks their child is going to the NFL eventually.
    Come on people, we don’t give this type of attention to our vet’s when they come home from serving, and what I mean are the service men and women who are/have served where there is still fighting overseas, like in Afghanistan, etc. Those people don’t get Hero’s Welcome Homes, some of them barely get a two-sentence mention on WNEP.
    Give me a break, “Hero’s” my ass.
    Are they successful sportsmen, yeah, sure. But what they did was play football, something that several thousand HS kids do all across the country.
    You go to a state like NY, or better yet, go to NYC where there are 5-million people living and a crap ton of HS Sports Teams and you don’t get the gigantic news coverage that you do around here, and why? Because I hate to break it too you, but sports don’t really matter in the real world.
    Schools don’t glorify Valedictorians who are the smartest and brightest of the school that become our future, but we glorify jocks around here.

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