Reported School Assault Under Investigation

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COAL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A reported incident between a male and female student inside Shamokin Area High School is currently under investigation by police in Coal Township.

Investigators say they are looking into allegations of an assault by a male student on November 2.

The mother of the female student said to be involved posted about the alleged assault on Facebook, saying the male student forced her daughter into a stairwell and tried to force her to perform a sexual act. The post has been shared on the social media platform more than 1,600 times.

Police will only say they are investigating a reported assault.

More students have come forward with allegations against the same student.

The high school superintendent released a statement saying:

"When we were made aware of the original allegations and the additional allegations, the school immediately contacted our local law enforcement agency and the parents whose children are allegedly involved. We have since been working closely with our local law enforcement agency and will continue to closely monitor the situation."

Parents and grandparents picking up students at Shamokin Area High School tell Newswatch 16 they feel safe sending students here and are confident in the school staff's ability to handle any investigation involving students.

"The daughter, she's a senior here and I feel she's really safe here. Yeah there's always going to be some kind of bullying or whatever going on and that's in all schools but as far as safety here, I 100 percent have faith in our staff here," said Deborah Yost.

Police say this is an ongoing investigation, but charges are likely to be filed against the male student sometime next week for the incident earlier this month. Any other allegations against the student will be investigated separately.


  • jafo577810438

    I hope the young woman will be ok, and if the allegations are true, the perpetrator arrested, charged, and tried.

    BUT…why did the mother turn to FB to disclose this alleged assault? Is her daughter’s trauma just another social media post to draw attention to oneself? To garner as many ‘likes’ and ‘shared’ as possible? WTH didn’t SHE call the police?

    This poor girl can’t win…allegedly assaulted and a mother who hasn’t any discretion or priorities.


    • Lee Pielacha

      The “mother” turned to FB due to the school and police not seemingly doing anything. Just a case of no communication, its a local issue many times over. The Oncologist used to tell me “no news is good news” but this is not the case. She put a lil fire under their ass!!! and its working!

      • donald fox

        I call bull on your thoughts about the mother doing that to light a fire under their asses. The mother posted it on facebook because she wants like and shares. Any real parent if their child was sexually assulted would contact police not facebook!

      • Lee Pielacha

        Mr. Donald, thanks for your input, I wont consider it as this is the crap SM that the country is so involved it. Your right, Social Media is crap. Especially for things like this, but it works to get attention. The media such as WNEP are well known for only reporting highlights and key phrases so they get attention, views (likes if you will). Never the entire story, only a small amount of common news, You have to research if you care enough then the truths, as we are told, come out. . Now, once they figure out that this athlete kid isnt immune, then the comments can roll. I happen to know both parties, the schools behavior and the tricks the local PD plays, so it is on par with other issues they have. Ima sit back and enjoy the show. Cheers folks!

      • jafo577810438

        Where in the FB post did the mother say she called the police or informed school officials? It doesn’t.

        AND even she did, why in the world would you discuss your daughter’s sexual assault on a social network? There’s a very good reason why law enforcement and many, many media outlets generally don’t identify sexual assault victims. This idiot has given license to God-knows-how-many strangers the ability to harass and bully her daughter online because it won’t take a genius now to find the daughter’s FB page.

        If she wasn’t satisfied with the police and school officials response then she needed to call them relentlessly and call the D.A.’s office.

        Of course, that’s if she in fact ever notified any officials to begin with. Her post never said she did.

        Until I am proved otherwise, the mother’s an attention seeking idiot.

      • Lee Pielacha

        Its Shamokin, they are a special type of people. haha. Enjoy your blessed weekend, or something like that.

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