Kicking Off The Holiday Season In Hazleton Area High School

HAZLETON AREA HIGH SCHOOL -- It’s beginning to look and sound a lot like the holiday season inside Hazelton Area High School.

A special winter celebration brought members of the chorus together along with some special holiday characters.

"Everybody has had a really good time putting this together,” said learning support teacher Shelly Mellon.

The annual celebration is marked by the decorating of a tree in the high school lobby.

Life skills students made the decorations along with some help from other students.

“It made all my classmates happy!" said Desiree Natt.

Those life skills students got a chance to hang their own ornaments, too.

As for whether that made them feel special, Lyndsey Seltder replied “Yes!”

Organizers said this is what the season is all about: students of all abilities coming together, supporting one another and celebrating together.

"Our kids are involved in things, they're meeting new kids, they're interacting with everyone, our faculty is closer, it' s a nice, nice thing,” said Mellon.

The holiday tree will remain lit throughout the holiday season.

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