Colorful Christmas Trend: Black Trees

NORTH MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Christmas trees come in all sizes and shapes, but it is one particular shade that is really catching everyone's eyes this holiday season.

A black Christmas tree is becoming a fan favorite at some Christmas tree farms, including one in Schuylkill County.

Green Christmas trees fill the lot at Pioneer Evergreen Farms near Orwigsburg, but simply one color is not enough for the folks at this tree farm in Schuylkill County.

Trees of a different color and shades are creating waves for holiday shoppers and one shade, in particular, is sparking a lot of interest.

"We have started out with about three or four colors and now we are at six or seven different colors, and the black tree is now the most popular one beginning this year. This is the first year for the black tree," said Kenny Fetherolf, Pioneer Evergreen Farms.

Fetherolf says a tree painted black can pair up nicely with silver and gold.

"A lot of the black and whatever type of ribbon. black and checked ribbon. I think it is just a trend that is coming in and is going to be here for a couple of years."

There are plenty of colorful Christmas trees at Pioneer Evergreen Farms and the workers say the paint is not harmful to small children or pets.

"It doesn't harm the tree when it is sprayed on," Fetherolf said. "Safe to touch, it is dry and doesn't flake off with moisture."

While all the different colors may excite some holiday shoppers, others prefer going with good ol' green for Christmas.

"Nothing beats a traditional Christmas tree. I am just old fashioned that way. I can see where a lot of people would enjoy them. It is fun and different but I am the good old fashioned Fraser fir," said Amy Leymeister of Orwigsburg.

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