Big Rig Wrecks Cars in West Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A big rig wrecked some parked cars Friday morning in Scranton.

Three cars parked on the side of Luzerne Street were hit during the morning rush hour.

Police say the tractor-trailer driver who hit them wasn't aware of all the damage he left behind.

Michael Benedict works nights and he's rarely up before noon but this morning, he had an early wakeup call.

"Heard a big crash," Benedict said. "I work second shift, so my dad woke me up, and I came home, and my bumper was missing. From what I understand, a bunch of people in the neighborhood got hit."

Benedict was parked on Luzerne Street. This isn't the first time a passerby hit his car.

"This has got to be the third mirror I've gotten on this car."

But this was the worst; the impact took his front bumper right off.

"It happened previously this year. Thank God the school has surveillance and whatnot, from what I understand they caught the guy," Benedict said.

Police say the culprit was a tractor-trailer who told officers he didn't realize he hit anything until other drivers flagged him down a few blocks away.

In all, three people reported damage to their cars, including Evelyn Leyva.

"It's always a fear being on the corner, living out here," Leyva said. "I have a toddler son and we're out here all the time on this corner. And you know, in the back of mind, I'm always thinking potentially a car could come up to the curb. But, I never would have thought that it would be that bad."

Luzerne Street is a busy corridor given that the crashes happened during the morning rush hour, neighbors say it's lucky no one was hurt.

Damage can be fixed.

"My insurance company is going to love me, I guess," Benedict said.

Scranton police say because the tractor-trailer driver kept going after hitting the cars he will face citations for fleeing the scene of an accident.


  • Thomas Daniels

    Wheres the story about the so called big rig wreck? The one above that i just read was in regards to a man who may very well be a competent driver who made an error and broke some mirrors. Today in the Wyoming Valley there were multiple serious accidents, one with deaths, and this is what the news post??? Any one of you running your mouths like you are the best driver in the world, i invite you to ride with me for a day so you can see exactly how wreckless four wheelers are in comparison to the few god awful truck drivers. We all make mistakes, right?

    • Thomas Daniels

      Let me correct myself. They didnt say it wrecked, just that it wrecked a few cars. Still, it seems to be worded alittle more dramatic then it should.

    • jimbrony

      Broke some mirrors? Did you watch the video? There are thousands of dollars of damage done to the cars. “We all make mistakes, right?” Yes, we do. Keep that in mind the next time you board an airliner, have surgery, or go to the bank. Again – higher standard…

  • jimbrony

    But, but, muh brakes failed. No – wait, it was a mechanical problem. What? You mean I hit something back there? Give me a break. Like clockwork in our neighborhood some trucks take the wrong turn and knock over road signs and tear up yards. Always the same line of BS – until neighbors went together and got security cameras that cover the intersection. Love it when the cops track them down.

  • albertcohol

    Another BIG RIG headline that attracts the Losers on here.
    Again Our Forest Gumps have nothing better to do than Trash A Trucker.
    Regardless of the real story that eventually surfaces.

    • donny hud43987

      That’s a big 10-4 there albertachol! What ever that means…. And yep yer right, we’re not gonna stop complaining about CARELESS TRUCKERS!!!! They kill people on the road and cause millions in damage every day! So, yep! Until something is finally done about CARELESS TRUCKERS!!! You’ll have concerned drivers and pedestrians watching there back, because of CARELESS TRUCKERS!!!! 10-4 ?

    • jimbrony

      I think your real story eventually surfaced: “Scranton police say because the tractor-trailer driver kept going after hitting the cars he will face citations for fleeing the scene of an accident.” ALBERTCOHOL (aka PEATERMOSS) you are such a loser. Give it up already. You’re like one of those punching bag toys that keeps coming back for more. Save some face already. Or, you could always change your screen name again until we figure out it’s you-again. Right, PEATERMOSS?

    • holdencaulfieldisme

      Lol “the real story?” What, a bunch of neighbors smashed their own cars and blamed a trucker driving on a street too narrow for an 18 wheeler? I know truckers love Coast to Coast but this conspiracy is a bit too unbelievable.

  • whopperplopper

    more hate comments from the armchair truck drivers that never spent a minute behind the wheel of a rig.
    piss ants that run their mouths, but have no idea what they are talking about.

      • whopperplopper

        i wasn’t there when it happened, were you or others on here?
        no, i didn’t think so.
        so not knowing what caused this to happen other than what was reported i’ll take the reporting cops word that it was mechanical. had it been otherwise the driver would have been cited & that too would have been reported too.
        i drove for many years (30) & in that time i’ve learned that anything can happen that is beyond your control.

      • lickerblisters

        So why then didn’t he use any of his braking devices? He had several different options. They wouldn’t have all have failed on a flat, little Scranton street. Heck, put the rig in a tree. Can’t tell me he lost his brakes AND steering at the same time. Impossible!

      • whopperplopper

        again i wasn’t there.
        and neither were you.
        it’s easy to “throw these cowboy clowns under the bus every chance I get!” without all of the facts.

    • donny hud43987

      Yo Whopper head! I have no desire to sit behind the wheel of a truck!!! I have a degree , not a CDL! It doesn’t require an education to steer a truck! Just a CDL! That’s why most of these careless drivers are a dime a dozen!!!

    • jimbrony

      Sorry Whopper, drove many accident free miles – never had a problem. Charmed life I guess. Of course, the trucks I drove were well maintained and I actually put the coveralls on and really did the pre-trip, not just check the boxes from the cab.

  • donny hud43987

    Lol, a mechanical problem! Lol, of course, what else would the trucker tell the police? Oh, I was texting or not paying attention!! Lol, that was to cover the truckers a#$,, no wonder there’s attorneys specifically FOR TRUCK ACCIDENTS!!! I wonder how many thousands of dollars this one is gonna cost!! Something needs to be done!!! Seriously!!!! It’s out of control!!!!!

  • donny hud43987


  • donny hud43987

    Lol, not another truck wreck!!! Lol, wow!! What’s the excuse on this one?? One after another after another!!!! CARELESS TRUCKERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!! WEVE HAD IT!!!

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