Big Rig Driver Crashes After Swerving to Avoid Slow Driver on Interstate 81

RICE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A big rig driver crashed after trying to avoid to a slow driver on a highway in Luzerne County.

State police say the tractor trailer driver had to swerve around a driver going too slowly on Interstate 81 north near Nuangola early Friday morning.

Officials did not say if the car had its hazard lights on.

The big rig veered into the woods and crashed into some trees.

Nobody was hurt but troopers plan to ticket the slow-going driver in Luzerne County.


  • Mark Thepoll

    After reading these comments, I have come to the conclusion that you are almost all a bunch of self serving idiots.

  • albertcohol

    Gotta love the typical Trash A Trucker
    Mentality comments and our resident
    Forest Gump type guys that never fail to appear when those 2 words ( BIG RIG ) are in any story.

    • jimbrony

      Never fail to appear… You mean, like – yourself? Hey Al (aka PEATERMOSS), we get it. You dig truck drivers. You get offended when the guys (and gals) you idolize turn out to be nitwits that shouldn’t have a license but it’s OK – you keep fighting that fight and dressing up like Super Mario at the truck stops. I’m sure there’s still some out there that get turned on by that mustache and suspenders. It’ll be OK. Happy times are coming to a sleeper cab near you soon.

      • jimbrony

        Hmm, there was someone else that used to say ‘TSK TSK’ but I can’t remember who it was. They must have changed their screen name. No ‘stupido’ name calling? No correcting my screen name? Funny thing is, I’m not LICKERBLISTER, but you think I am. And that is priceless. Hey, I hear there’s another truck accident on 81 – get yourself ready to defend another cowboy.

      • jimbrony

        Actually PEATERMOSS has the trademark on ‘TSK TSK’, but since you’re the same person there’s no problem. Hmm, you even repeat yourself like PEATERMOSS used to, how uncanny… (Bwaak! Moderator, Bwaak! Forrest Gump)

      • albertcohol


        Forest Gump here, ( as he hooks his thumbs under his suspenders and and starts his story)
        I’ve driven a bazillion miles without fault, never made an error in my life.
        I’m retired now and spend my days campaigning against others that are now doing my job since my CDL was revoked.

        I have driven B model Mack’s and can out shift ya all.

        All these new cowboys need to be drug tested daily ( good thing they didn’t do drug testing when I was popping those road aspirins back in the day ).

        I have to stop my story now since the doctors ( yeah I have many ) told me not to get too excited, and that the big vein in my forehead may pop when I get too worked up.

        TSK TSK Mr. Blister Licker
        AWE are we offended now,
        Go whine to the moderator again.

  • Lee Pielacha

    Do we know the speeds tho? Its not fair to bash either or… yet. Yes, there is quite alot of “speeding truckers” out there, but I find more slow drivers (car and truck), and are bothered more by them. Stereotypes are there for a reason tho, bash on my Keyboard Warriors! haha

    • Denpachii

      There are also a lot of “speeding cars out there as well. I see it every day on my way to work in Hazleton and back to Wilkes-Barre. Seeing people wig wag through traffic when you are already going 5-10 over the speed limit is dangerous to everyone. That said, so is going under the posted limit, you become an obstacle, divert the flow of traffic, can appear suddenly given circumstances.
      I would like to know more detail on this one.

  • donny hud43987

    Cmon Albert, I know the truth hurts, but a tractor trailer doesn’t stop as fast as a car….so….. shouldn’t they be alot more cautious?? Hmm, that was a tough one!!!

    • albertcohol

      Possible scenario
      Two BIG RIGS are traveling on the interstate in the same lane, 1st BIG RIG sees the slow moving vehicle, and moves over to the opposite lane, 2nd BIG RIG ends up right behind the slow moving vehicle and over corrects.

      Also in the story there was no mention of the truck driver speeding or driving recklessly.

      So keep trashing a trucker on your computer, so that a truck can bring you another one when it’s shot.

      Now let’s hear your Scenario

      • jimbrony

        Al’s eyes are blinded from the truth by his lost dreams of being a Super Trucker. He fantasizes of being ‘The Snowman’ while BJ McCall is on the radio, and ‘The Bandit’ is giving him ‘smokie’ reports.

    • Vicky Garnecki Forba

      My uncle almost lost his leg and his life to some stupid 4 wheeler who dodged in front of his rig. He swerved to avoid killing them and went into a guard rail and was left hanging from his seatbelt inside his rig. He wasn’t speeding, he was just trying not to kill someone, and almost ended up dying. People in cars are so careless and uneducated about trucks on the road it’s ridiculous. You trying passing a CDL class and maybe you’ll learn something.

      • jimbrony

        I have my CDL Vicki, along with a few other professional certifications in the transportation industries. First of all, I’m sorry to hear about your uncle, hopefully he’s fine now. I will not disagree that there are some absolutely awful ‘four-wheeler’ drivers out there. Everything from the 18 year old learner to the aggressive idiot, to the distracted and under the influence boob, they’re out there. But my observation and experience after many decades of being on our great Commonwealth highways – the once noble and professional truck driver has become a minority. There are still some good ones out there, but there are far too many coked-up cowboys that are lawless hazards on 18 wheels. I no longer use my CDL for employment, but I still give the big rigs plenty of room – for courtesy to the pros – and to save my bacon from the boobs.

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