Selinsgrove Sophomore Wrestler Nate Schon

"Yeah it is", said Schon, "I also like to relax a lot and get in the weight room. i love to play high school sports, and it's fun, yeah."
Steve asks, How does football and baseball compliment you the rest of the way here?

"Like moving all your body parts and your strength in the weight room and football and w'ere getting it here in the wrestling room too" replied Nate.

Steve said, What did you learn about yourself finishing 8th in the state last year as a Freshman at the end of the season?
"I thought that i could have done a little bit better than I wanted", suggested Schon..."and I want the gold this year.

One more question... "What are you working on between then and now to get ready for the season?
Concluded Schon, "lifting a lot and more technique.>

"Physically he is bigger and stronger", said Coach Seth Martini, "I know from personal experience."
"I'm not going to lie about it, the first go of the year he got the better of me at practice and i was just caught off guard. I mean, I remember what he was like last year, but the version of him is not like last year.
Seth added, "He is a lot bigger and he feels...a strength that i don't normally feel in high school kids and doing this for 13 years I've wrestled a lot of top notch kids. I had Spencer in here a couple of years ago and he was a monster too. but, It just catches you off guard. Physically he is a much bigger, stronger, kid."

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