Power To Save: Green Up Workshops

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EATON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The holiday season is a season of giving and also a season of giving new life to unused items around the house and turning them into holiday gifts.

You might stop by Creekside Gardens in Wyoming County to pick up something for your garden. For the next two weekends, folks there are giving you the opportunity to create something of your own.

"We kept having a lot of customers come in, wanting to create things, so it evolved into a workshop and it went from a one-day workshop to a weekend workshop. now we do two weekends," said owner Sherri Kukuchka.

All you need for the Green Up Workshop is a little creativity and any household items you'd like to green up.

"Anything at all that has a little cavity in it. If it doesn't hold water, then we will line it with plastic for them and put the oasis foam in there. We will get it ready," Kukuchka said.

At the Creekside Gardens Green Up Workshop, there really isn't an item too strange to bring. You can bring an old sled and turn it into a beautiful decoration.

The items you bring can be decorated with a variety of greens that Creekside Gardens offers.

"They purchase greens by the pound. We have a really nice selection of greens. We have a lot of unique conifers on our property. We have things like Dragon Eye pine, Weeping Alaskan cedars, some different things you might not have in the landscape, so it gives you a lot of colors and textures to work with," Kukuchka said.

All ages are welcome and there's just one rule to follow.

"Cardinal rule is once you push something in, you don't pull it out because it pulls the foam out with it."

You will be surprised by how much change you can make to the smallest items.

The Green Up Workshop is happening this weekend and next weekend from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Creekside Gardens near Tunkhannock. No pre-registration is required.

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