West Scranton Reacts to Kathleen Kane Reporting for Jail Time

SCRANTON, Pa. -- It appears Kathleen Kane is going to jail.

The former state attorney general and Scranton native who was once Pennsylvania's top law enforcement officer must report to the Montgomery County jail by 9 a.m. Thursday to start serving her 10-to-23-month sentence.

“She worked hard for the job. It's too bad what happened to her,” said Paul Trama from west Scranton. “Too bad for her, her fall from grace. Yeah, it's too bad.”

In west Scranton where Kane grew up, diners at Villa Maria restaurant still couldn't believe Kane, the state's first female attorney general, will soon be behind bars.

“I think it’s very, very sad when it comes down to that. There's other people that are out there that are way worse than her. Go get them,” said Kimberly Sabo.

“Who would she hurt if she wasn't in jail? Who would she hurt?” asked Cookie Mele. “She's not a threat to anybody. I don't think she should go to jail.”

“I don't think she should. She exposed a lot of people that did things they shouldn't have done, and they didn't like it, and they got back at her,” said Barney Comparetta.

Kane was found guilty by a Montgomery County jury in 2016 on perjury and other charges.

In the two years that passed, Kane had been fighting that conviction.

In a last attempt, Kane had asked a judge for more time to make arrangements for her children. That request was denied.

“They couldn't have waited another couple of weeks?” asked Comparetta. “That's politics.”

While most at the restaurant expressed sympathy for Kane and say she should not be going to jail, others say she did do the crime and she should do the time.

“I don't feel sorry because if you do something wrong, you got to pay for it,” said Ernie Gatto. “I thought she should have used a little more common sense.”


  • Weixiong Ma

    Id like to know if the 1000s of people that she send to jail for petty crimes were given all the breaks , appeals , and special requests that she got from the beginning to end of this case ?

  • Interested American

    More “Fluff Reporting” by WNEP. News of no substance. Yet another story that should never have made it to air. Seriously, what does the entire area think about Kane? I’ll bet most, like me, thought that crook was already serving time in jail. Why does WNEP repeatedly do these reports? What is news worthy about going out to Kane’s old stomping grounds to ask what people think? I swear, people who run this station are as brain dead as the lowest educated people they find to ask these stupid questions to.

    She was found guilty and should be in jail for life. She committed a crime as bad as murder. She took the trust the people of PA put in her to do the job, threw it all away, and just went nuts trying to ruin people. What if Donald Trump actually did try to lock Hillary Clinton up after he won election? Well Kane did that on the State level.

    @Silverfish, If Republicans didn’t always take from the poor to give to the rich they would be in power more. With so many faction making up each party they should just form their own national parties. These factions (R: Tea, Alt-Right, Traditional; D: Liberal, Progressive, Ultra-progressive) are what divide us because they fight for power within the party.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Name some examples where Republicans “always take from the poor to give to the rich”. Democrats are a bunch of rich people convincing poor people to vote for the rich people by telling the poor people that other rich people are the reason they’re poor. You’ve been brainwashed by their crap.

      • Interested American

        Democrats are as you say now, but historically they have fought for the poor. The latest example is the tax cut passed. Only helps top 1%. Throws a bone to middle class and poor but it phases out and the richest keep theirs. It’s always like this. Look, if you aren’t even willing to acknowledge what is historic then why even talk? I admit democrats suck anymore. We need more parties. I honestly can’t stand either party at this point. Hillary Clinton couldn’t even beat Donald Trump! She couldn’t motivate democrats enough. She had nothing for them. Why? Because she’s in the pocket of corporate America. Multi-national drug companies who have systematically dismantled their R&D departments in preference to raising the price of drugs to be the catalyst for profits.

        Republicans are at least three parties packaged into one and the Democrats are the same. Factions within each party are fighting to control the party and the message. Surely you can see that? No one is guarding us from predator companies out to fleece all of us. They look at your money and mine as their own, the difference is they haven’t figured out how to get it from us yet. Social Security is on the Republican chopping block. They want to end it. We pay taxes so that we will get it back when we retire. They want to steal that money and use it for tax relief for the wealthy. Come on, you have had to notice.

        Democrats in Washington today don’t care about poor people. Hillary Clinton has been in Europe telling them how they need to build a wall to stop refugees from entering when it was her and her party which caused this mess in Syria. They started the Syrian war and backed Islamic terrorists just because they were against Assad.

        What it all boils down to is that national politics is completely broken. Trump was a huge FU to the system and they didn’t even understand and realize that.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        You have some bad conceptions of the Democrats. They were never for the poor, but they are pretty adept at putting the blame on Republicans for their “mistakes”, and I put that in quotes because their actions were (and are) quite intentional. Let me start with Woodrow Wilson, who got America into WW1 on his whim that if we got involved in the war, then we’d have a bigger say in the post-war world, and his League Of Nations would prevent another world war from happening. Almost 54,000 killed in combat, and another 63,000 lost to disease, and for what exactly? It was none of our business. Who do you think died? Rich people? Hardly. His institution of the Federal Reserve Bank was a huge factor in causing the Great Depression too…how many rich people lost their jobs and were forced to forage for food, or move across the country to find work? Not too many I think. (Needless to say, Herbert Hoover got the blame for the Depression because he was in Office when it hit.) Now, I’ll go on to our First Socialist Emperor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who took nearly a third of working-class America’s paychecks at the barrel of a gun for his “trust fund”, and it wasn’t because he thought working people were too stupid to save their money for their retirement as they always had before – it was to increase the size, scope, and dependence on the Federal government, and he created our now-known ‘entitlement class’ while doing it. It also created an even deeper social impact by creating an incentive for earlier retirement (reducing the numbers of workers vs. pensioners), and giving our kids the view that the Fed will take care of them when they get old, instead of themselves and their families as it used to be. Since most of us aren’t rich, our families pooled monies helped us take care of one another, but that’s pretty much gone now – it’s in the hands of the Fed. The Republicans have no intention of dismantling Social Security no matter what you heard on the last round of campaign ads. It’s projected to collapse on its own by 2030 due to more takers than workers, and the Dems are champing at the bit to get us on a single-payer health care plan. We’re well along the road to communism because of them, but hopefully I’ll be dead by the time it finally comes to pass. I think have to agree with you on the Democrats being for the poor, and they mean to make most of us that way in the not-too-distant future.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        And I didn’t have the time or energy to get into the damage L.B.J. caused to Social Security, black families and the family structure in general, and our country. Maybe another time.

  • Don Shaw

    Yeah no problem with someone with that kind of power using it to go after her enemies! What a bunch of losers. She did this to herself and took the whole state along for the ride.

    • darkhorse6669

      What about trump only caring about people who voted for him? And him caring about loyalty over morality? I guess ignorance is bliss.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        What about this story having nothing to do with President Trump? Now there’s some desperate ignorance on your part.

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