Arrest in Deadly Wilkes-Barre Shooting

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- An arrest was made Wednesday afternoon in the shooting death of an 18-year-old in Wilkes-Barre.

Kahzmeek Prater, 18, of Wilkes-Barre, is charged with involuntary manslaughter for the shooting last Friday along North Pennsylvania Avenue.

According to court papers, Prater and the victim, Jacob Shedlock, 18, of Laurel Run, were at Prater's home smoking marijuana. Prater was holding a gun while trying to fix a blunt that started to unravel. The gun went off, hitting Shedlock in the chest.

Court papers show Prater initially told police that someone came to the house while he was in the bathroom. However, Prater later told police that after Shedlock got shot, he ran outside and threw the gun as far as possible.

"I want to say I didn't mean to do all this. It was a big accident," Prater said at his arraignment.

Prater was charged with involuntary manslaughter, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, tampering with evidence, and making false reports to police.

He was taken to the Luzerne County jail on $150,000 bail.


  • jsrant

    Instead of involuntary manslaughter charge him with murder. His story is b.s. The gin just went off, yea right. Why would you have a gun in your hand while messing with a blunt? Hope these cops aren’t that stupid.

      • darkhorse6669

        Right here fool. DONNY HUD must have that comment saved as a “1-click quick text.” Either that, or hes an ignorant redneck that always says the same stupid racist comment on pages of colored people. However, he doesn’t say a single thing on any of the many white peoples crimes thats he scrolls past to get to these pages. He probably has a confederate flag vanity plate on his truck that is sitting outside of his family trailer too.

      • jimbrony

        You call me a fool, yet it was one of yo bruthas that was smoking dope (illegal) and shot and killed a man. He also initially lied about the incident and tried to get rid of the weapon. Real smart.

      • darkhorse6669

        Yeah smoking pot is killing a ridiculous amount of people these days. I dont care if it is relatively harmless and has a ton of medicinal uses, they should have been getting hammered instead! And i only take the side of fairness. Had i seen a colored person saying the same trashy things about white people i would lay into them too. Its not a black/white thing. I just call out racist bigots as i see them, so i have a lot to keep me occupied around here. Its not my fault DONNY says the same exact stupid white trash racist phrase for any article involving a non-white whom has committed a crime.

      • jimbrony

        Pot IS killing people bonehead. Just like alcohol-it clouds the mind and makes people do things they wouldn’t do when they’re sober and clear minded. Need I remind you about the idiot that left a loaded handgun so a child could get to it? How about the bus driver on I-380? The New York limo crash that killed 20? Besides that, how do know Donhud is white, and you aren’t a white troll? Maybe Donhud is sick of seeing ‘his own people’ committing the bulk of the crime?

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