Winter Coats for Kids in Need

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Some kids in one part of Luzerne County will now have coats to keep them warm this winter.

The Plains Township Fire Department teamed up with other local organizations to buy coats for kids in need.

There were fire trucks parked outside of Leo Solomon Elementary School, but not for an emergency. Inside, a group of firefighters made donations to those in need.

"The community itself, once they see everything that we've done, has really jumped on board coming into this," said Capt. Michael Vanluvender, Plains Township Fire Department.

Last year, the Plains Township Fire Department teamed up with a nonprofit organization called Operation Warm to help get coats for kids in the school district who don't have one.

Last year, they got 12 coats. This year, they've tripled that number.

"Northeast Pennsylvania can get brutally cold and then go warm the next day and then brutally cold again the next day, so it's nice to make sure the kids are kept warm," said Vanluvender.

The firefighters say they were able to get more coats this year with the help of the Henry Club Ladies Auxiliary, which held a fundraiser recently and wanted to see that money put back into Plains Township.

"When you're giving to children, it's always a good thing to do, needy children, you know, coats, hats, gloves," said club president Betty Hall.

Since our area has already seen such cold temperatures, the school's principal says these donations couldn't come at a better time.

"Unfortunately, in these days and age, we don't have a lot of kids that can afford a lot of these great coats that are donated today, so they will certainly be useful and beneficial for them," said Solomon Elementary Principal Sean Flynn.

The Wilkes-Barre Fire Department also raised money to donate coats to children in need in that area.

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