Saying Goodbye to Perkins Christmas Tree Farm

STEVENS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- This will be the last year Seth Perkins shakes all the leaves and branches out of a Christmas tree in Bradford County.

After losing his father Charles Perkins back in February, Seth Perkins says a decision was made to have one more go around before shutting down for good.

He flew in from Seattle to help with the family business.

"It is the goodbye to the Christmas tree farm," Perkins said. "This has been a part of my brother's life and my father's life since we were tiny and in a very real sense, it is a goodbye to our dad."

Charles Perkins lost his life while clearing trees from his farm back in February. His family wanted to keep his legacy alive by selling Christmas trees one last time.

"If we can take this and transform this into an act of goodness, I think that not only does that continue dad's work, I think that is the sense of community and the meaning of Christmas," Perkins said.

Perkins tells Newswatch 16 the money raised from selling the Christmas trees will be going to his father's favorite charities.

"When people come here, you light up. You are sharing in a sacred part of the holidays for every single family," Perkins added.

And customers were happy to help.

"It made me feel happy that I could donate and get my tree all in one, so it was going to a good cause. My living room is going to look great and smell like oranges. It is a win-win situation," said Mariah Kelley.

Seth Perkins says he will remember his father's legacy with each tree that is sold during the Christmas season.

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