Moen to Close Pine Grove Facility

PINE GROVE, Pa. -- A plant that's been producing sinks for 50 years in Schuylkill County announced it will be closing next year.

The Moen manufacturing plant in Pine Grove just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Now, it will close.

"It's a business decision," said an employee when asked about the closing of the business.

Moen has been forming stainless steel sinks at the plant in Schuylkill County since 1968. About 600 sinks are produced there every day, but the plant manager confirmed to Newswatch 16 that production will come to an end in the spring.

Newswatch 16 was at the plant in September doing a story on the business celebrating 50 years of service. Workers then were excited for the future.

"When I started here, I did not think this place would go this long, and when we were here for the 25th reunion, a lot of people said I do not think you'll see a 50-year reunion, and it's been here for 50 years," Austin Frank said in September.

The closure of Moen will affect about 50 employees at the plant in Pine Grove.


  • J (@ds18301)

    The Trump economy roars again! We’re winning the trade and tariff wars so goodly! Don’t worry: there are plenty of minimum wage jobs available. (But please don’t ask for food stamps or medical care to supplement and survive — that’s un-Amercian). Or better yet, start a soybean farm and get part of his $12 billion dollar handout to offset the tariff losses!

    • scurfie

      So this it Trump’s fault? If you took the time to look into why Moen is leaving maybe you would be enlightened. Does Moen have a plant in China? Does GM? Was Trump responsible for the move to China? Are businesses not make a profit and if so, why can’t they make a profit in the USA and had to move to China?

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