Drivers Upset by GM Downsizing

LYCOMING COUNTY, Pa. -- He was not surprised, but Pastor Don Edwards from Muncy was upset to hear that General Motors has announced plans to discontinue six of its sedans by the end of next year.

"I like the Impala as a secondary car. I'm disappointed they put that into the mix," Edwards said.

A few of the Cadillac models, the Chevrolet Cruze, and the Buick Lacrosse are also on the list.

"You got to make people what they want, and if what they want is an SUV or a truck, that's where you got to put your production," said David Hawley.

Hawley restores and repairs vehicles at his business Muncy Restoration Works.

"It makes sense. They make so many different models and some are the same as others, so there is a Chevy that has the same parts as a Buick," Hawley said.

"If they are building something that's not moving, I would say yes, quit making that," said Vicki Grimm.

With the announcement comes plans to close five of GM's North American facilities and cut about 14,000 jobs.

"They've got to find places for their employees because this economy is horrible, and now they want to lay off all these people and it's sad," Grimm added.

And it's especially sad for the workers who got word of the layoffs just weeks before Christmas.


  • Bob Calvey

    Yo Vicki i don’t know where you live but i have seen more help wanted signs heard of businesses looking for workers and my place of business just hired so maybe you should stop listening to Nancy pelosi and Cortez and actually check it out

  • jimbrony

    “This economy is horrible” Really? Where were you on Black Friday? I see parking lots of shopping centers and malls filled with newer cars and trucks, and shoppers lugging filled carts and bags around. If that’s horrible, they’ll need to build more stores and parking areas when it’s good.

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