Bail Revoked, Kathleen Kane Headed to Jail

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is going to jail.

A judge in Montgomery County revoked her bail Tuesday afternoon and ordered her to report to jail by 9 a.m. on Thursday.

Kane must report to jail more than two years after a jury in Montgomery County convicted her on charges including perjury. She will finally start serving her sentence of 10 to 23 months behind bars after she ran out of appeals at the state level.

By refusing to hear Kathleen Kane's latest appeal, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court took away her last chance at staying out of jail as she fights her 2016 conviction on perjury and other charges.

A jury in Montgomery County found that Kane, a Scranton native, leaked confidential information about a former subordinate to a newspaper, then lied about it when questioned.

She was later sentenced to spend 10 to 23 months in jail.

From the time of her arrest in 2015, Kathleen Kane's different legal teams filed several court appeals, from trying to get charges dropped, to trying to allow favorable evidence at her trial, to trying to overturn her conviction.

She lost every appeal.

In a court filing Tuesday, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele writes, "She received a fair trial, her guilt was proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and now it is time to serve her sentence."

A source close to the case tells Newswatch 16 that Kane's lawyer spent part of the day trying to negotiate her surrender and minimize the impact on her family, especially her two sons.


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