Hunters Take Deer to be Processed

CLEVELAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- People hunt for all different reasons, but a big one is getting deer meat.

Justin Miller of Numidia never misses the first day of deer hunting season. It's something he looks forward to all year.

"I love hunting. That's pretty much what I do," said Miller.

It doesn't hurt that Miller got a buck just two hours into his hunting trip. He and his family eat the deer meat, so Miller took it to Adams Family Produce Palace near Catawissa.

"Hunting is a big deal around here. It really is. At one time when the herd was bigger, it was bigger than Christmas holiday," said Dave Adams, Adams Family Farm Produce Palace.

Adams and his son Davy have run the deer processing store for nearly 50 years.

"The first morning of buck season is always slow because guys like to show their bucks off. It's not like doe season where it's just meat," Adams explained.

Still, Adams had a steady stream of people dropping off deer.

"They bring the deer in. We skin it, clean it up, hang it in the cooler. Then we take them out and cut them up. We make bologna, summer sausage, jerky, fresh sausage, smoked sausage, kielbasa," said Adams.

Adams tells Newswatch 16 despite the rain, the first day of hunting season was not a washout.

"I can't say it has. Guys are going to go hunt. They look forward to this all year."

"It was alright in the morning, kind of windy, but then it started raining," said Miller.

Rifle deer season runs through December 8.

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