Hungry Hunters Stop for Breakfast Before Heading Into Woods

COVINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's opening day for deer firearms season, but before hunters took to the woods, some stopped at a fire company in Lackawanna County.

The sausage and pancakes at Covington Independent Fire Company have become an opening day tradition.

Hunters stopped starting at 4:30 a.m. on Monday to fill up before heading out to the woods.

"Get out and have some fun and get some good eats and that'll be good!" said Bill Parry of Springbrook Township.

The hunters’ breakfast is a fundraiser for the fire company.

"It was a few of us that came together and decided you know let's do something to help out the community so everyone comes here to get a breakfast,” said fire company member Sarah Rouse.

"Our struggle used to be to find somewhere to go but to have somewhere like this, have friends come, somewhere to meet up, it's nice,” said Alan DeLucy of Covington Township.

As they ate, hunters shared their excitement for the day and season ahead.

"Wait for it every year, can't wait, just to sit in the woods there," said Mike Williams of Scranton.

 "It's amazing being out in the woods, last year it was so quiet, you could actually hear the snow falling, it's amazing, there's nothing like it,” said Mike Prekopa of Covington Township.

The folks here at Covington Fire Company plan to continue this opening day breakfast tradition for years to come.

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