Hunters Ready for Start of Rifle Deer Season

JENKINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Hunters may face some sloppy conditions as they head out for the first day of rifle deer season across the state on Monday.

At the crack of dawn, hunters in northeastern and central Pennsylvania will be setting out into the woods.

"Can't wait to get out there. I got out for archery, saw a lot, no good shots, but hopefully tomorrow will change, and the deer are moving in the rain," said Jim Loftus of Ashland.

Anticipation and excitement was certainly palpable as dozens showed up to a shooting range along Suscon Road in Jenkins Township to fire away at targets and fine tune guns.

"It's going to be neat to take my little guy out in the woods for the first time, and we'll see how things go," said Michael Shovlin of Jenkins Township.

This time of year, hunters are of course used to the cold temperatures and dress accordingly, but there's also a chance of rain in the forecast, which could change up the game plan.

"It's going to affect the deer a little bit. They're not going to move around as much, so a lot of hunters won't stay out there all day like they usually do," said William Kaiser, Wilkes-Barre.

"They live in it. If I can work in it, I can hunt in it, so hopefully they're moving, and you get the right shot," said Loftus.

For many, hunting has become a yearly family tradition.

"It's awesome. I have an uncle and cousins and their kids, and we all go out, same time, same area, together," said Stephanie O'Donnell of Lewistown.

"Been doing it for 18 years. We got my little sister involved. My dad will be out with us. It's a good family tradition. Always excited to get up. Barely sleep the night before. One of those type of things," said Kaiser.

Rifle deer season goes until December 8.

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