Shopping Small in Honesdale

HONESDALE, Pa. -- The chilly weather could not keep customers away from stores in Honesdale.

With many sale signs on the sidewalks, shoppers filled the small businesses in this part of Wayne County.

"It is great seeing all the small businesses out and meeting some neighbors instead of the big box stores," said Tom Jeffery.

"I think its great. I think, I think it is a great opportunity to support small business and spend a day in town," said Kerry Esmay.

Ron Shemanski displayed all of his homemade maple syrup products in a tent on Main Street.

"It gets the people out to the smaller business. Black Friday may be more geared towards the malls and bigger businesses now it gets the people out to us," said Shemanski.

Finders Keepers which sells women's clothing has been in business for several years in downtown Honesdale.

"We have seen businesses come and go we have been able to sustain and been fortunate just meeting our customer's needs and our community needs," said Jill McConnell.

Owners at Finders Keepers say Small Business Saturday gives them a chance to show off their selection during the holiday season.

"Every year we kind of try to expand more and have more gifts for holiday gift giving and just trying to pay attention to the need to the customers," said McConnell.

"Knowing that when we make a purchase it helps them say in business and keep this economy vital and floating it makes it all worthwhile," said Susan Jeffery.

For those shopping in Honesdale, shopping small is a great way to spend money this holiday season.

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