Scranton Clothing Store Closing after Nearly 50 Years

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A clothing store in Scranton is closing its doors after almost a half century in business.

Lenora's on Meadow Avenue is celebrating its final Black Friday sale.

The shop, which once had a location downtown, is closing next week after 46 years.

Owner Lenora Delvecchio says business has been good but she decided to retire before online shopping affected her business any more.

"We did the Facebook thing, we were advertising using social media, and whatever. And then I decided that we didn’t really want to change our customer base, and our customer base was shrinking because they get older, I got old with them," Delvecchio said. "As a company, we’ve always been very service-oriented, and we get to know our customers and we feel like they’re our friends. And that’s an old way of doing business; we’re dinosaurs,"

The store is hosting a Black Friday goodbye party Friday night. The store closes for good on November 30.

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