‘Pennsylvania Snow Camel’ Makes Public Appearance

LEHIGH COUNTY, Pa. -- A week ago, we were all digging out from a snowstorm and a certain camel was just becoming a social media star.

Einstein the camel is now making public appearances after getting stranded along a highway in the Lehigh Valley.

Einstein the camel is now just as big a star as he was last Thursday.

The animal dubbed the Pennsylvania Snow Camel is making his first public appearance and drawing a crowd at Thrifty Car Sales in Coopersburg.

"We were out Black Friday shopping and I didn't them that we were heading here so this is a surprise for them," said Kimberly Silvestri of Allentown.

"We had to. A friend of ours was actually on the road when Snow Camel was out. She got a firsthand picture of him. I thought it was hilarious," Stefanie Clark of Quakertown said.

A lot of people got photos and videos and, of course, they exploded on social media -- a camel in the snow on busy Route 309 just south of Bethlehem. Yes, a camel near Bethlehem.

"Just a few miles south of Bethlehem. It was perfect, it was perfect."

And now we have the real story. Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo from Perkasie was taking Einstein to Philadelphia and got stuck. They let him out to make the trailer lighter.

"We got up the hill OK, but then everyone on (Route) 309 apparently freaked out. There was a rogue camel rocking the highway, abandoned on street!" said Megan Hudock of Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo.

The last thing Einstein's handler's thought about then was stardom.

"That day it was hard, and we were upset and it turned into this wonderful, happy Christmas story locally. We're enjoying it, Einstein's enjoying it," Hudock said.

Pennsylvania has other furry celebrities. There's Punxsutawney Phil and Gus the Groundhog, but Einstein the Pennsylvania Snow Camel is much taller and now a much bigger deal.

"He's getting more attention now, getting pulled out for more groomings and more appearances. I think he knows something's up I think his brother Ding-a-Ling knows something's up."

"The kids were very excited when they heard he was going to be here because they were very worried about him the night of the snowstorm."

Nothing to worry about now this is just the start of his public appearances, spreading the Pennsylvania Snow Camel legend.


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