Veteran Cooking Up a Hot Meal for Fellow Vets in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- A veteran from Monroe County spent his holiday making sure other vets have a warm meal and accessories to keep warm.

Retired Air Force Staff Sargeant Travis Heller spent the day preparing turkey and all the fixings for those in need.

Folks lined up at the building along Railroad Avenue in Scranton for their Thanksgiving meal.

"I just think it's nonsense that our veterans are on the streets, anyone is on the streets in this country. We're a first world country, that's ridiculous. People fight over the stupidest stuff, and we can't get our people off the streets. It was 50 degrees yesterday, today is 6 degrees. They're welcome to stay today as long as they want to," said Heller.

Each person who attended Heller's Thanksgiving dinner was given leftovers to take as well as items to keep warm.

Heller says he will continue serving food in Scranton until it runs out and all are welcome.

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