No Place Like Home for the Holidays Seemed to be the Case in Tunkhannock

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa.-- Skycam 16 shows us not much was going on in downtown Tunkhannock on Thanksgiving day.

Maybe it was the freezing cold weather or cooking in the kitchen that kept people inside, but just a couple of leaves going across West Tioga Street presented the most traffic the road saw all afternoon.

“It kind of looks like a ghost town around here because it's such a small town and I think it's going to be cold,” Krystalynn Donelson of Nicholson Township said.

Most of the staples including Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and the China Buffet were closed for the holiday, but there were a handful of stores open, one of them was Curry Donuts.

“I don't think it's all the coffee, they come for my boss who is a big jokester. They come and get him riled up in conversation,” Paula Crawn of Curry Donuts said.

Just across the street from the Curry Donuts is one of the other few places open here in Tunkhannock on Thanksgiving Day - a gas station and convenience store.

“Today we have been busy with the gas and the lottery so it's pretty busy,” Convenience store owner Banju Patel said.

As the day went on, things started to slow down.

“There's nobody out, at all.  I went to Walmart this morning at like 9 o'clock and it was the best Walmart trip ever because no one was in there,” Heather Kinney of Tunkhannock said.

It was just the calm before the storm for some stores, lots of shoppers will be piling in for Black Friday shopping later.

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