Black Friday Bargain Seekers Battle on Bitter Cold Thanksgiving

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Thanksgiving dinner is now a memory and folks have turned their attention to the early Black Friday bargains.

For many shoppers, braving sub-freezing temperatures for a time-honored turkey day tradition.

They stood like soldiers outside Target and Best Buy, waiting to wage war for a good deal.

But before that, these sale seekers had to do battle with the bitter cold on this chilly Thanksgiving.

“Yeah, it`s a little cold out here,” laughed Debbie Zborovian from Duryea.

“It`s pretty tight but I don`t want the wind to get in and start blowing around. It`s cold though,” said Kevin Williams from New Jersey who had his sweatshirt’s hoodie pulled tight about his head, partly covering his face.

But with many saying it has become a tradition to do Black Friday shopping on turkey day, these tough birds weren`t going let the biting wind and frigid temps scare them away.

And it appeared they are all here for the doorbusters.

“I’m here for the TV. $199, 52-inch smart TV,” said Adrienne Taylor. “Ask me how much the original was, the original was $360, so it’s worth it. $360 from $199.”

“I got to get that laptop, got to get that TV, it`s worth it,” said Bob Acobe from Eynon. “Saved me a couple, two, three dollars, it`s worth it for me.”

Of course, knowing just how cold it was going to be and just how long they`d be in line many came prepared.

“I was smart enough to get the gloves, get the vest, get the jacket, everything,” said Joe Marder from Carbondale.

“I got a sweatshirt, two sweatshirts, big hunting jacket, I don`t hunt, I can`t hunt even if I wanted to, this is for my, supposed to go around my ears but I put it on my face,” said Acobe, talking about how he used his ear muffler to keep his face warm. “And I got a hat, I`m bald so you know.”

And after standing in line, in the freezing cold, for hours, it`s now time for the payoff, as the doors to Best Buy were opened at 5 p.m.

They may not have been as frenzied as your typical Black Friday shoppers but once the chill in their bones warmed up, it was go time.

The lines filled up quickly as people snagged their prize.

But for some, they say being champ at the check-out isn`t worth fighting mother nature next year ...

“This is the first and the last time that I`m doing this,” said Steven Harrison from Carbondale. “They only get one out of me, that`s it, first and last, it`s too cold.”

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