Threat Assessment Group Offers Free Seminar to Teachers

STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- In a mock classroom inside Threat Assessment Tactical Solutions in Stroudsburg, a group of East Stroudsburg University teachers went through an "Active Shooter Training Seminar."

"The reality is that the culture that we live in is conducive to these things happening, so being prepared is essential," said Dominique Washington, ESU Academic Success Coach.

Brandon Kehr runs the business on Kraemer Avenue.  Agencies, organizations, businesses, and law enforcement usually pay for threat training.

He's offering this one-hour seminar free to all educations who might be interested.

"It's pretty much just awareness for active threats out there. They have very limited training, to begin with, as far as what to do in that classroom, what to do with their students, what they can use as far as improvised weapons, and so on and so forth," said Brandon Kehr, Threat Assessment Tactical Solutions.

During the seminar, teachers can ask questions, learn different techniques on how to make classrooms safer, and protect themselves and potentially others in an active shooter situation.

"You really don't know what to do until you experience it. You can plan in your head, 'Oh, this would be a good idea,' but actually going through it is pretty intense," said Washington.

Now because people who are involved in an active shooter situation are often the first responders, the teachers here also learned how to use some medical equipment to help someone who might be hurt.

"Preparedness is one of those things and being able to use those tools to save someone's life I think is invaluable," said Brian Eames, Paramedic.

"Anything you may think you know, go out and learn it even more," said Kehr.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the seminar can contact Threat Assessment Tactical Solutions directly.

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