Sharing Thanksgiving Traditions in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Grocery stores were filled with shoppers Wednesday, picking up items for their Thanksgiving meals.

Take a trip to the grocery store the day before Thanksgiving and you might just bump into someone you know.

Eloise Snauffer came to Wegmans in Williamsport looking for gravy. She wants to make sure she has everything for her Thanksgiving meal.

That Thanksgiving meal is a tradition many people here hope to share with their families.

"I'm old school. I do the same thing my mother and dad did," Snauffer said.

"I brought up my three children with chestnut stuffing. I make that every year, and now they make it every year for their children," Joann Cleary said.

"I remember growing up the smells in the kitchen and all throughout the house, all of the homemade pies, and just brings back happy memories for me," Ryan Turner said.

They are memories Turner now hopes to share with his own family.

"Sit and watch the football game, get ready for deer season the following Monday."

For the past 25 years on Thanksgiving, Joy Jones has spent a few hours caring for cats at the Lycoming Animal Protection Society in South Williamsport.

"I don't think they realize that there is anything different about it, extra treat maybe," Jones said.

"We always watch the Macy's parade. Sometimes we watch the dog show," said Sandy Levering, who traveled from Brooklyn to be with her family here in central Pennsylvania.

"That's what we are all about. Our family, you know, we just make sure we travel wherever we have to go to be together."

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