Sen. Bob Casey Considering Presidential Bid

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- U.S. Senator Bob Casey tells Newswatch 16 he is considering running for president.

This comes after he just won his third term in the Senate by a big margin.

This may be senator Bob Casey's strongest wording yet about a possible presidential run.

Last week, he told a Pittsburgh TV station it's something he hasn't ruled out saying, "we'll see," but now Senator Casey told Newswatch 16 directly he is considering that run for president in 2020.

We caught up with the Democratic senator Tuesday night in his hometown of Scranton as he helped serve dinner at the Friends of the Poor's annual Thanksgiving meal. He's just coming off a heated campaign against Republican Lou Barletta.

Casey won a big victory over Barletta in the statewide race winning by around 13 percent, carrying him to his third term representing Pennsylvania in Washington.

There are a lot of Democrats considering a run for president and now we know Bob Casey is definitely one of them.

"Because of what's at stake for our country, because of what's ahead of us, anyone who can win a statewide election, I've won three Senate races in Pennsylvania, I think I have an obligation to consider it because of those stakes," said Sen. Bob Casey,(D) Pennsylvania. "This is a critical time. We have to make sure the nominee of the Democratic party wins Pennsylvania because you cannot get elected president if you cannot win Pennsylvania. I've shown I can do that. I've won by an average of 13 points over three elections, so it's something I'm considering."

Donald Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016. The Keystone State was a key to him becoming president.

Democrats did very well in Pennsylvania in the midterms winning the U.S. Senate, governor, and nine of the state's 18 congressional races.


  • Lisa Marshinski

    I bet he’s onboard for the Federal Red Flag Law they’re trying to get passed in the House right now. That’ll give police the authority to come to your door UNANNOUNCED, with out a warrant, early in the a.m. to confiscate all of your firearms because SOMEone said Something about you being dangerous. True or not

    • darkhorse6669

      And republicans get screwed over by their narcissist, pathological liar overlord constantly and still line up to slob on his knob. By the way you hear how any of the progress made with the stock market in 2018 is completely negated by how terribly its gotten hit in the last couple months? Sucksssss

      • darkhorse6669

        No sir, i was not a Hilary voter sorry, i was even worse, a bernie supporter. But thats here nor there. You ever have any individual thoughts of your own? Or do you just puke back up limbaugh, trump and savage? I’m ready for the next whiny little “whataboutism” now.

      • jimbrony

        Yeah, because hating on Trump with all the usual rhetoric is so original… Bernie!?!? Wow, you do know how to pick losers. Hate to bust your bubble, but I really don’t care for Limbaugh, et al. What I care for is a President that puts America and Americans first, and apologizes to the world for nothing, unlike Obama and his World Apology Tour.

      • darkhorse6669

        Theres a difference between being ignorant, selfish, rude, and not having the slightest bits of humility or empathy…. and having a president big enough to admit when he was wrong. At least obama was an Intelligent, well-spoken, respectful man. Trump is a hateful, angry orange man-child blob that most of our country and especially the rest of the world hates and is embarrassed of.

  • Dad-Don Hoffman

    guess we know what this knucklehead will be working on for the next two years, while being paid to be our Senator….laughable !!

  • Bobby Jackson

    Political parasites, left or right they are all filthy criminals that believe they have moral authority to rule over others, steal there property , kidnap them and throw them in a cage if they do not obey.

    • Bobby Jackson

      What idiot could give thumbs down to my comment? The government worshipping , cnn believing sheeple is the answer to that question.

      • jimbrony

        You do realize that in the history of Presidents, Barrack Obama ranked 5th with the increase of the National debt? He didn’t knock it down one penny either.

      • darkhorse6669

        I won’t argue that but he was also handed a recession where as trump was not. AAAAND trump was supposed to do such amazing things to help the national debt that were all false promises of course. Next “whataboutism”? That was you dont have to respond to any questions like an adult.

      • jimbrony

        But, but, but… ‘I won’t argue that…’ Then why bother making disparaging comments about Trump? Let’s talk unemployment, shall we? Especially minority unemployment. Care to explain why that is at record low numbers? Keep trying sonny. And by all means, keep hating.

  • Daryl Fisher

    In good faith, he was just elected to a six yr. term to serve the people for that time. Now, less than a month later and he’s talking about bailing?

    • darkhorse6669

      Keep on worshipping that pig. He sure cares about himself! He said he was in the top 5 presidents of all time! Maybe you and him can take turns sucking on him.

  • My Left Foot

    Who wouldn’t want to be president ? Play golf 180 days over 2 years and not find time to visit cemeteries on either Veterans Day or visit troops.

      • darkhorse6669

        HE LOVES AND RESPECTS ALL VETS. when he wants to, when it will get him votes with these ignorant hillbillies.

      • darkhorse6669

        God dang, that was a good one! Hyuck! I havent heard that as the answer to EVERY SINGLE pressing question since 2016. You and the rest of your buds here are so original.

      • jimbrony

        I would rather spend time with a hillbilly hunting, fishing, building, or repairing something than an aloof ‘educated’ person that doesn’t know a hammer from lug wrench.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        So, you’re an angry, stupid communist Horsey Doo? I should have known by your posts. LMAO at you and your commie pals.

      • darkhorse6669

        Yeah because its not possible to have a highly educated and handy person at the same time. You act as if being well educated makes you lazy? You know getting that education to begin with is a lot of work. And communist? The only one who has said anything about communism is you lol.

  • jimbrony

    I think he’s an excellent candidate for the Dems. People would have to look no further than this web site to see how corrupt Scranton and Lackawanna County is and vote for the other guy. Run Bob, run!

  • Bob Stevens

    Sorry Senator, Hillary is running so everyone else must step aside for the Queen.
    Hillary or a flooded Dem field splitting the vote across write-ins, either is good for Trump2020!

  • mickmars

    And I’m considering a threesome with Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis. Things Should work out about the same for myself and Casey…

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