Avoiding Troubles with the Turkey on Thanksgiving

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- In a matter of seconds, a turkey in a deep fryer can really ruin an entire Thanksgiving holiday.

As a member of the Bloomsburg Fire Department, Tom Vought says a deep-fried turkey is a process that should only be done outdoors.

Even then, making sure the turkey is ready to be cooked is an important part of having a happy and safe Thanksgiving, at least cooking-wise.

“If it is a completely frozen turkey and you drop it in, it is going to explode about a five-foot radius or more and anyone standing near is going to get burned by a hot oil and burned severely,” said Vought.

Fire officials say deep fryer fires cause about $15 million of damage each year with most of them occurring during Thanksgiving.

“When you are frying a turkey, make sure it is thawed out and you do not do it in a house or garage,” said Vought.

For some people in Bloomsburg, deep frying the turkey is not worth the trouble.

“I have had a turkey deep fried and you have to be outside, first of all, then you have all that oil. What do you do with all that oil? Next thing you are thinking of other things to deep fry just to use the oil. It just seems like a hassle,” said Ginnie Kocher.

No matter how you cook the turkey, fire officials say give yourself plenty of time when preparing the feast.

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  • burtfan16

    All these warnings on what not to do. How about telling people to have foam based fire extinguisher handy just in case. Makes sense right?

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