State Investigators Raid Scranton School District Offices

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- State officials conducted a raid Tuesday at Scranton School District offices in the city.

Investigators from the state police and the Pennsylvania attorney general's office arrived at the Scranton School District administration building on North Washington Avenue around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Agents walked in and out of the Scranton School District administration building on North Washington Avenue carrying the occasional computer tower, finally leaving with four boxes.

School officials say the agents spent most of their time on the building's second floor.

A visitor's log indicated they came to meet with the district's transportation director and with the secretary for the school board.

"This, I'm sure, will be a very difficult issue to face, but we need to it. And I'm glad that we were coming from a meeting where we were talking about the future because as these very serious issues unfold, and are dealt with, our job is to be moving forward," said school board member Katie Gilmartin.

Members of the school board and the superintendent walked up on the raid after a meeting at Scranton City Hall.

The superintendent says this is about the fifth time agents from the state attorney general's office have visited but never with this large of a presence.

"From the very beginning, we were pleased that some of the questions that were surrounding the school district were being addressed, and so we feel that as far as they need to go, we're going to cooperate with them the whole time," said Superintendent Alexis Kirijan.

Agents raided the auto garage of the district's former fleet manager Dan Sansky back in May. Sansky was later arrested on corruption charges for allegedly bilking the district.

Transportation has been a focus of the district's financial woes.

"A couple months ago, Attorney General Shapiro said that there would be more to come, and while it is difficult to have this negative publicity, essentially, around the school district, we have to get through this. We have to figure out what happened in the past to move forward," said school board member Paige Cognetti.

"We've said that we would cooperate 100 percent with whatever the attorney general needs, and that's exactly what we're doing, so I haven't been in there yet. I don't know what they're looking for but whatever they need, they should take," said Scranton School District Superintendent Alexis Kirijan.

The Scranton School Board has been under investigation after a state audit uncovered problems with the district's finances.


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