Sinkhole Repaired Thanks to Community Donations

EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- For the last seven months, Freddi Carlip has had a sinkhole in her driveway near Lewisburg. The drain pipe for the pond next to her driveway collapsed. The sinkhole makes her driveway impassable. She hasn't been able to get heating oil.

"It's been tough. It has. You have to make alternate arrangements with how you can get things done," Carlip said.

Fixing the sinkhole would cost around $8,000, but Freddi is on a fixed income. About two months ago, her friend Gary Hardcastle stepped in and started a GoFundMe page.

"Freddi is a friend to many people, and I think there were a lot of folks who thought this can't happen," Hardcastle said.

And they made sure it didn't. Donations poured into the GoFundMe page, and just in time for Thanksgiving, Freddi's driveway is being fixed.

"I am very grateful, and I am very blessed. I am so thankful to everyone that helped," Carlip said.

"People really rallied around this cause, and a lot of people have known Freddi for decades and really welcomed the chance to help, I think," Hardcastle said.

People donated from all over the world, and Freddi couldn't be more appreciative.

"In this tough world, there are people who are so kind and so generous," Carlip said.

Freddi is thankful she will be able to drive up to her home on Thanksgiving.

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