Renovation Project Complete at Forest City Regional

FOREST CITY, Pa. -- It took a few years, but a renovation project at a school district in Susquehanna County is finally finished.

Forest City Regional's new building is meant to increase safety and improve learning.

Mr. Earle may not have needed more than a board and a few books to teach this lesson in inertia, but what he does have now is a whole new STEM classroom.

Junior Madeline Bailer likes the new setup.

"I love it. It's so nice and bright in here," Bailer said. "Last year, we were moving around because they were building this room. Now that we're finally in and get to use it, it's nice."

They were building more than just the new STEM room. A nearly $12 million overhaul for everything from the elementary school to the high school pushed back the start of school last year.

Now, new lockers and music rooms are just some of the improvements to this building first built in the early 1960s.

Forest City Regional Superintendent Jessica Aquilina is relieved to have the lengthy project complete, including a major increase to school safety.

"You'll see we have secure lobbies. Then once our visitors are inside our office spaces, they do not have access to the interior of the school," Aquilina said.

The high school gym served as the offices for the principal, secretaries, and guidance staff all of last year. It's now a finished product, and so are the offices. Things at Forest City Regional are getting back to normal.

"I'm proud of the students and the faculty for how understanding they've been for having their learning space in chaos for a few years," said engineering teacher Bill Graziano.

For teachers and students, the payoff is huge with more space for students to learn everything from science and math to music and the arts and everything in between.

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