Holiday Donations on the March in the Poconos

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- In perfect formation and with flags in hand, a group of soldiers marched from Stroud Township to East Stroudsburg, all for a good cause.

"We had an idea to just generate some awareness, not only for the Army but for our community and those in need around here. We decided to gather some food and take donations and take it all down here," said SFC Anthony Ezman, U.S. Army.

Staff from the Army Recruiting Center in Stroud Township carried backpacks filled with canned goods to the East Stroudsburg Salvation Army.

Some of the cans were donated, and others were bought by the soldiers themselves.

"During this time of holiday cheer and whatnot, there are people who are less fortunate, so we want to do our part and help them have a good time," said SFC John Fukushima, U.S. Army.

The soldiers walked a little more than four miles to get to the Salvation Army, and with about 30 pounds of canned goods on their backs, they did it in good time. It took the group only an hour and a half to make the trek.

Major Gilbert Parkhurst of the Salvation Army says it was not only impressive but appreciated.

"Without these donations, we would be short on what we give the community, so all the stuff that was brought to us will be here to serve in Monroe County," said Major Gilbert Parkhurst, East Stroudsburg Salvation Army.

This is the first time members of the Recruiting Center held this type of event, and they don't expect it to be the last.

Soldiers hope to have another food march closer to Christmas.

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