Easing the Pain at the Pump

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PITTSTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's the start of Thanksgiving week, a week that will see millions on the road.

Drivers are getting a bit of a break this year.

Gasoline prices are down as we approach a major holiday.

The average price in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area is now $2.84 a gallon.

That's down five cents in the last week alone.

We are still paying more than we did last year, and a lot more than we did two years ago.

Pennsylvania is still higher than the national average of $2.62 a gallon.

Those of us who live here in the northeast still pay more than our neighbors in the Allentown and Reading areas but less than our neighbors in New York.


  • My Left Foot

    2 consecutive years of gas price increases…. how is that “easing” ?
    Article title doesn’t match context of article.

  • lickerblisters

    These low gas prices will allow President Trump’s roaring economy to keep on roaring. Mr. Trump is an absolute genius and economic scholar in which this country has never seen the likes of before as it’s leader! TRUMP 2020! (Then his daughter will win in 2024)

    • My Left Foot

      How many times did he declare bankruptcy ?….. Added 2 Trillion to our debt….. He stated “ I am the king of debt”. One of his RARE truthful comments.

    • George Lamprinos

      Sorry Licker, it’s our governor who approved a tax hike guaranteeing PA has the highest state gas tax in the nation. Yes I know a republican enacted the law. But the current governor could have reversed the law.

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