Tow Companies Busy Pulling Out Cars from Snow Storm in the Poconos

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- "Something needs to be done because it's the same thing every year," said Kisha Whittle of Coolbaugh Township.

Like many other drivers, Kisha Whittle found herself stuck on Route 196 in Coolbaugh Township during the snow storm.

She came to Ed's Towing and Auto Services near Mount Pocono to pick up her vehicle.

"I was stuck with my son in a car that I just picked up from the hospital because he was sick for three hours," said Whittle.

The owner of the towing company Eddie Cardiello says his workers were out until the early morning hours trying to pull out vehicles that were stuck and abandoned.

"A lot of stuff was just off to the side of the road, it wasn't anything crazy. The stress comes when you're trying to get access to them. I mean clearing roadways so we can get people up the roads and then get the cars that are left from the accidents," said Cardiello.

A lot of people we spoke to are upset because now they have to pay to get their cars and they think this all could have been prevented.

"I didn't pass one PennDOT truck the whole time coming home from Marshalls Creek, not one. They said they were ready," said Woody Johnson, Mountainhome.

A PennDOT spokesperson from District 5 says plows were out in full force.  However, many of them were stuck in the same traffic regular drivers were in.

Much like the one you see in Newswatch 16 Dashcam video.

"There were cars everywhere. It was bad, very, very bad. When I started walking I saw a tow truck person say they were going to plow the road, but I couldn't wait. I had been driving since 5 o'clock," said Dellon Weller, Coolbaugh Township.

PennDOT officials say they pre-treated and salted the roads ahead of the storm, but when there are lots of vehicles on the road and many of them get stuck, it's hard to get around them to get the job done.

They encourage drivers to work with them during these snowstorms.


  • Joe Amberg

    They hold ticket every moron stuck in the snow, causing accidents and causing the back ups and blockages that keep the plow trucks from being able to get around to clean up the roads. I saw so many idiots without snow tires and people with all wheel drive with summer tires screwing up traffic yesterday. If you got stuck in the snow because your vehicle was not road worthy for winter travel consider the tow cost a stupid tax you pay for being stupid.

  • Bill Shull

    What about that one Stroudsburg Towing company taking every stranded car off roads and charging 900$ with no payment plays and hitting them 50$ a day if they don’t get it .

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