Man Drags his Love From Burning Home: ‘I Would Have Died Getting Her Out’

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. - The love Anthony Moore has for Delores Palmer burns hotter than the fire that destroyed the couple's Dinwiddie County home. The couple lost most of their possessions in the Thursday morning fire.

But they still have each other.

"I won't coming out there without her," Moore told WTVR. "I would have died getting her out."

Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore

An electric space heater sparked the fire that burned their Williamson Road home, the couple said.

Moore said Palmer was in the kitchen when he spotted the fire.

By the time he warned her to move away, the fire had spread.

"I ran down the hall, tried to throw water on it and I ran out the door to get the water hose to hook that up to try to use the water hose to put it out," she said.

But when it was obvious the fire was not going out, Palmer refused to go outside.

"I told her come on, ain't no more we could do," Moore said. "But every time I tried to get her, she'd run back and the smoke had crowded us so bad."

Scene of the fire

Scene of the fire

"I was still trying to get in there to get my important things," she said.

But Moore was insistent that his love escape their burning home.

"I just asked God to let me drag her out of there, so that's what I did to get her out of there," he added.

While the couple - who does not have any homeowners' insurance - lost their possessions, they were thankful to still have each other.

"I would have lost my life for her," Moore said. "That's how much I love her."


    • hannahlu52

      Seriously?! The world appears to be on destruct mode, and you want to bring more racism into the mix?!
      My initial feeling when I watched the video of this man and woman’s plight is to want to help her;
      I didn’t ‘see’ the color of their skin, no sir. Your attitude is part-of what’s wrong with this world.
      Whatever your problem is, please, get it checked. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • darkhorse6669

        Have you ever seen the comments on here? They’re constantly blatantly racist just short of using the N-word(which imsure these people do behind closed doors.) Im just bringing attention to it. I commend you for the way you look and feel about the situation. However, knowing that, this comment was not for you. But as far as you go: saying that caring for all people, and equal treatment for everyone is a mental disorder is quite the doosie. Turn off rush Limbaugh and stop looking at the left as sub-human. We just have different view and want to do whats best for the country. At least i hope so.

      • user1506

        Hannah, I think Darkhorse was just using satire.
        When a person of color commits a crime, the people on this website go wild and drag their race through the mud. But if a white person commits a crime, you’ll hardly see any comments.
        I do think that this website is full of racist individuals. That’s why the article of this man wasn’t swarmed by praise (as it would have if he was white; which is what I think Darkhorse is trying to say.)
        I hope you have a great rest of your day!

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