Drivers Pleased with Prices at the Pump

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Gas prices are finally on the decline after getting close to a four-year high in October.

Some people are calling it an early holiday gift even if the snow felt like coal in their stockings.

"I'm happy gas prices are down. I'm not happy we had a foot of snow last night. It was horrible."

More than 54 million Americans will drive more than 50 miles away from home for Thanksgiving, according to AAA. That's up by almost five percent from last year and marks a 13-year high for the number of travelers.

Even though it'll cost less to fill up, not everyone is completely pleased with prices at the pump.

"I'm happy about it but I'm not thrilled. I remember gas prices that were much friendlier than this, but I guess I'm happier than I was two weeks ago about it," said Gerry Flynn of Freeland.

One thing most drivers we talked to are thankful for: most roads have been cleared for the weekend.

"We'll be all good going down the Blue Route, 476, so, going down to see the family."

The Hazleton area got nine or more inches of snow in the storm and snow plow drivers say they've been on the roads since it started.

"Been out since 1:30 yesterday afternoon and I haven't been home yet. I'm looking at about a 30-hour, 32-hour day," said plow driver Michael Mandak.

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