A ‘Lot’ of Snow to Clear

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- After the winter storm overnight, most can probably expect to clean off one, maybe two cars the next morning.

For the sales team at Sands Ford in Pottsville, that number is in the hundreds.

"We probably have over 280-some cars," said sales consultant Paul Boyer. "A lot of work this morning."

Boyer has worked here for 13 years and says this is something he and his coworkers deal with several times a year.

Vinnie Klemer, on the other hand, is not so seasoned. He's been here about two months. Cleaning off more than 100 cars after a storm dropped about nine inches of snow wasn't on his radar.

"I did not realize this was part of the job description when I started," Klemer said. "I am very aware it's part of the job now. A fellow coworker of mine told me to bring warm pants, gloves, hoodies, boots, I see why she told me that. So thank you, Rose. The boots will stay by my desk every day now."

Salesmen at Sands Ford in Pottsville tell Newswatch 16 the pressure is on to get the cars and the lot cleared before next week's holiday sales event.

"Next weekend on Black Friday is going to be tremendously busy. With all of the sales going on right now, it's going to be chaotic," Boyer said.

The three-level topography of the dealership poses some snow removal challenges as well, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Early next year the dealership will move four miles down the road to a more desirable, and level location.

"Can't come soon enough, I wish we were there right now," said sales consultant Ken Koscil.

The move will most likely happen in February. The team is hoping the next major snowstorm waits until then.

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