Wreaths, Christmas Trees Ready for Auction in Union County

BUFFALO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's known as the world's largest Christmas tree auction near Mifflinburg. People from all over the east coast are here buying wreaths and trees.

When it comes to Christmas trees and decorations, the Buffalo Valley Produce Auction near Mifflinburg is the place to be. This year there are more than 35,000 trees being auctioned off.

Before that happens, people from all over the east coast bid on wreaths and other decorative items.

"We open on Black Friday with all of our things, so, yeah, we come every year. It's gotten bigger and bigger every year," said Rachel Tebbs.

There are more than 30,000 wreaths, along with thousands of centerpieces and handmade Christmas decor.

But that's not what was on the minds of many of these people.

Justin Dalton is from southern Virginia. He is concerned about the snow but it didn't stop him from coming.

"We got to buy Christmas trees. We got to make a living, so we came here to buy Christmas trees and we're going to leave with Christmas trees," said Dalton.

"It will make it a mess to load up and get out of here today, but there's nothing you can do about it," said Sue Iddings of Mifflinburg.

People who work at the auction say they're also not looking forward to the snow because it makes their jobs harder.

"For us workers to load up all these trees and semi-trucks, it's kind of hard with the snow. It makes it heavier," said Nehemiah Courtney.

Employees tell Newswatch 16 some buyers did not make it this year because of the weather. But those who did are prepared.

"We have trucks and we're prepared, and we have chains on our tires. We were ready when we saw the forecast. There's nothing you can do. They have this one day for Christmas and you have to come. So we have to be prepared," Tebbs said.


  • whopperplopper

    “We have trucks and we’re prepared, and we have chains on our tires.”
    i’d love for the DOT to stop & inspect these trucks & drivers. their ignorance of safe driving rules is dangerous.
    chains are not for long distance travel, but to get you to the nearest safe location OFF the road until the roads are passable.

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