Snow Slows Luzerne County Drivers, Empties Businesses

LUZERNE COUNTY -- Snow started falling in Luzerne County around lunchtime. It coated many of the roads, making it difficult for drivers to get home during rush-hour traffic.

Just a couple hours after snow began falling in Luzerne County, Newswatch 16 found traffic slowed to a crawl on Route 309 on the way to Mountain Top.

"I don't like it. We have a business that we have to close down and reschedule. I thought global warming was going to take care of this but it didn't," Joe Mirenzi complained.

In Mountain Top, we stopped by a grocery store. The parking lot was covered with snow but a plow was out trying to clear it.

"I love it," said store employee John Gasper. "I like the snow and everybody calls me nuts because I can't stand the summer, but that's OK." The store was busy with shoppers gathering last minute supplies.

"We were crazy this morning. I work in the deli or the kitchen. It was insane. I had a line from about 7:00 to about 2:00," Gasper said.

Mirenzi, who runs a cleaning service, says the snow caused him to reschedule many of his clients.

"You can't make the girls drive in this. I mean there's accidents. You've got to carry cleaning supplies into the people's houses, everything gets wet. It's a no-win situation."

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