Fixing State Roads in Susquehanna County

BRIDGEWATER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Months after floodwaters wreaked havoc on parts of Susquehanna County, you can still see the remnants of the damage left behind by Mother Nature.

"We had about $10.5 million worth of damage to state roads in this county. Dropoffs of six, eight feet, roads washed out completely, potholes that you couldn't even drive a car through," said Susquehanna County Commissioner Alan Hall.

Several state roads in the county sustained major damage. Just this week, crews from PennDOT repaired nearly 20 roads in the northern tier and 16 more projects are in the works. PennDOT says these repairs will total around $10 million.

With snow in the forecast, county officials are urging people to be cautious behind the wheel and keep in mind some roads around the county are dangerous.

"It's terrible. They've literally been half washed out. It's not the first time they've been washed out. They tried to patch them up and, hopefully, they get a little better at it this time," said Liberty Township resident Mark Smith.

"Our concern is, depending on how much snow falls, people will no longer be able to see where the holes are and the drops offs. We're afraid people will slide off the road. They'll go into these culverts that are six, eight feet deep," said Hall.

Back in August, Dubois Street in Great Bend Township was a two-lane road before flood waters washed half the road away. This has raised concerns with inclement weather in the forecast.

"It's inevitable that there's going to be an accident. Someone is going to end up in the creek. I know the state is doing what they can do. It's just a big concern for all the neighbors," said Tom Roe.

Click here for PennDOT's interactive map of construction projects in District 4.


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