First Snowfall of the Season in Lycoming County

LOYALSOCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Folks in Lycoming County stocked up before the storm on Thursday.

“I’m here to pick up the famous bread and milk. We’re having a snowstorm. I can’t wait to shovel,” said Michael McDermitt.

While we sensed a bit of sarcasm in Michael McDermitt’s tone. He really did stop at Giant Food Stores in Loyalsock township In preparation for the snow

And he wasn’t alone.

“Honestly, I thought, middle of the morning, I’m not working. I’m just going to go and get what I need. Mistake. Mistake,” said Pamela Emery.

“We were going to go somewhere farther away, and we were just like, ‘it’s going to storm. We might as well get everything now and come closer, so we don’t have to drive in this weather,'” Sarah Crum said.

While many people tell us they were prepared for the snow, that didn’t mean they wanted to drive in the winter weather just yet.

“I get scared with other drivers because I watch them and I can tell that there are nervous ones. They go too darn slow. They are too cautious. Sometimes you can be too cautious,” Luanne Spooner said.

By the afternoon, roads in the Williamsport area were covered in snow.

Luanne Spooner stopped to get gas at a One Stop. She plans to spend the day out on her four-wheeler.

“We plow everybody’s driveways and just have fun out in it.”

With several inches expected there should be plenty of snow to enjoy.