Bus Driver Leaves People Stranded at a Mall in Lackawanna County

DICKSON CITY, Pa. -- Nearly two dozen travelers ended up stranded at a mall in Lackawanna County.

Those bus riders say a  driver with County of Lackawanna Transit System, or "COLTS," bus was supposed to give them a ride, but, that's not exactly what happened.

That bus was scheduled to go from Viewmont Mall to Scranton, but the COLTS system closed Thursday because of the weather.

One rider described what happened next.

"We asked the one guy if he's gonna help us and he just shut the door and said Scranton COLTS is closed down and he left 22 people here stranded far from home," said Peter Cangemi of Scranton.

The mall gave food and water to those stuck riders in Dickson City.

The bus system posted on social media that it was sending a bus to the mall to pick up the riders Thursday night in Lackawanna County.


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