Getting Ready for Wintry Weather in Schuylkill County

NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- With the possibility of snow in the forecast, some car care centers in our area have been fielding many phone calls.

Auto repair shops have been swamped with business once snow and cold showed up in the forecast.

AAMCO of Pottsville Total Car Care is known for its catchy signs that grab the attention of drivers along Route 61.

With temperatures dropping and the potential of snow moving into our area, the phones here have been ringing off the hook.

"You're checking tire pressures. Now that it's cold weather, that's reduced. You're doing coolant flushes, making sure that the coolant is at the proper level it should be to keep from freezing the block, automatic transmission fluids. There are a lot of vehicles out there now that don't have dip sticks, so therefore, the regular general public can't check their own," said manager Ken Worrall.

The folks at AAMCO add the common issues they come across in the shop are problems that can be avoided.

"Battery terminals are always corroded. People don't check their battery terminals. When terminals get corroded, it cuts down the power of the battery. And tires, tires are very, very important. It's unfortunate people wait until the first snowfall to get their tires checked or replaced," owner Tom Bashinsky said.

And just down Route 61 at Tractor Supply Company in the Coal Creek Commerce shopping center in Saint Clair, people have been frequenting the store all throughout the day getting all of the essentials with the possibility of inclement weather in the forecast.

"They've been buying a lot of rock salt," Susan Troxell said. "We had an online order of about 18 bags today. They're picking up shovels, filling up propane tanks, all of the essentials, wood pellets. Just to prepare themselves for this weather."

Living in Pennsylvania, we all know that winter weather is coming, but places like this say people always seem to procrastinate until that snow is in the forecast.

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