Clearing the Way for New Development in Dunmore?

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DUNMORE, Pa. -- It took demolition crews a little more than a day to clear a lot on Drinker Street in Dunmore. A hole is left where a nearly century-old clothing store once stood. Friedman's Clothing Store closed earlier this year.

John Gregory runs Sweeper Central just next door. He knew the demolition was coming, but it still left him feeling empty.

"I watched it grow. I watched it become a huge success. I watched it decline," Gregory said.

The Friedman family sold the building to a Dunmore-based real estate developer who specializes in senior living, but there's no indication that's what the space will become.

Dunmore borough officials say they will maintain the lot for now; the only thing going up here anytime soon is Dunmore's Christmas tree.

Businesses that are here hope there's some kind of development soon.

"I would say anything that brings a big draw of people, offices, business places seem to be the norm now. Nobody opens storefronts anymore because it's too hard to own or start a business in a brick and mortar setting," said Gregory.

That's clear along Dunmore Corners. There are several for sale and for rent signs up in empty storefronts.

Vinny Burney owns Cugino's Restaurant. He's hoping the former Friedman's spot will improve Dunmore's business district.

"This is more empty now than it has ever been," Burney said. "Without parking, how are they going to get in and out? That's been an issue forever. What they're going to do I don't know, but whatever it is I hope it's something that the whole borough can benefit from."

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