Find Pennsylvania Craft Brews with Digital Ale Trail App

If you're a fan of craft brews, there's a new app for you. Brewers of Pennsylvania came out with an app that allows beer lovers to easily locate hundreds of breweries across the state.

The Digital Ale Trail app allows you to keep track of the more than 300 craft breweries across the state.

To see what the brewers think of this idea, we started our journey at Marley's Brewery and Grille near Bloomsburg.

"The craft beer era is great right now. It's amazing. You have so many breweries doing so many different things and every place is unique. That's what I think makes these apps really great for the consumer. It's easy to find different places and new adventures and tastes," said brewery manager Andrew Fisher.

Users can find a number of breweries across the state with this map, check out beer lists at those specific locations, and leave recommendations after a little taste testing.

At Susquehanna Brewing Company near Pittston, brewmasters there say this app will further benefit an already booming industry in Pennsylvania that has a long, proud history.

"It's literally almost a 300, 400-year industry of brewing beer in Pennsylvania. It's the number one craft beer producer in the country by far. It was the number one beer producer in 1875. It's world-class beer produced for hundreds of years in Pennsylvania," said Susquehanna Brewing Vice President Fred Maier.

Click here to get the Digital Ale Trail app.

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