Shenandoah Valley’s Student-run Newspaper Returns

SHENANDOAH, Pa. -- A high school in Schuylkill County is rebooting its student-run newspaper that started covering the community of Shenandoah nearly a century ago.

In the early 1900s, many stayed informed on current events by reading a newspaper. At Shenandoah Valley High School, newspapers have been a big part of the school's history, and that's still the case all these years later.

"They wanted to put something out there. They wanted to publish something and get their work known," explained technology teacher Linda Hixson. "It's been gone for quite a few years, and it's well known as a student newspaper for many years since I was in school here over 30 years ago."

Gone for quite a while, but now, it's back. "The Torch" is the high school's student-run newspaper that started publishing 90 years ago. Over time, it's been discontinued a few times because of staffing and financial issues, but after about a decade hiatus, "The Torch" is once again making headlines--in digital form.

"When I was first told the idea, I was beyond excited. I enjoy writing and I also enjoy editing papers and all that. Not only do I get an opinion, but so does everybody else," said Rebecca Adorno, editor-in-chief.

Student journalists will be out in the community, covering news, sports, entertainment, and other feature stories.

"It's very big for us personally because we're only sophomores making this paper basically for all of Schuylkill County to see and get their news from. It's also important because it was such a big thing here in the past," said Jesse Carl, technical team.

"The Torch" has a staff of about 15 students consisting of writers, editors, photographers, and a technical support staff. The students say the experience at this age is invaluable.

"It's good for me to develop my skills now for the future, so I have some knowledge of what I'm going to be doing," said Sydney Labosky, photo editor.

You can check out "The Torch" here.

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